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Terms & Conditions

 General Terms & Conditions

 Online Banking Terms & Conditions

We have updated our General Terms & Conditions effective 1 August 2018 and in accordance with clause A11.4 (4) we provide notice of the following changes:

  • Reference to ‘Personal Accounts’ have been updated to ‘Accounts’ in section A1 and references to joint accounts in section A1.10 and 1.11 and in the definition of disputes have been simplified to ‘accounts’;
  • Clause A1.24 has been introduced asking you to get in touch with us if your existing account is no longer meeting your needs;
  • Clause A3.4 has been inserted in the Telephone Banking Service section to bring into the General Terms and Conditions wording from the Declaration signed by customers when they register for this Service;
  • Clause A8.1 within the Data Protection section has been updated to refer you to our privacy policy on our website;
  • Clause A8.5 has been introduced which confirms that you can request a copy of your statements on your banking and savings account up to 5 years after closure, subject to the applicable charge at the time of request;
  • Clause A10.3 has been updated to recommend that you regularly save copies of your online statements (if you’ve opted for paperless statements); and
  • Clause A11.8 has been updated with the telephone number for the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman.

We have also updated our Online Banking Service Terms and Conditions effective 1 August 2018, to include a new clause 7.19 which relates to secure tokens which we may issue at our discretion.

If you have any queries on the above changes, please contact us.

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