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Santander International Products and Services


Gold Bank Account

The Gold Bank Account is an everyday international bank account, available in Sterling, Euro or US Dollar currencies. It is accompanied by a Visa debit card in all three currencies for easy worldwide access to your money.

Call Account

The Call Account is an instant access savings account which requires no notice for withdrawals. The Call Account offers unlimited access to your money and is available in Sterling, Euro and US Dollar currencies.

Notice Account

The Notice Account is a variable rate savings account which requires written notice for any withdrawals. Available in Sterling and US Dollar currencies with a range of notice periods to choose from.

Fixed Deposit Contract

Fixed Deposit Contracts allow you to fix your money at an agreed interest rate for a set period of time. Available in Sterling and US Dollars, with a range of fixed time periods to choose from.

Mortgages for Isle of Man residents

Whether you’re a first time buyer, remortgaging from another lender or thinking about buying a new home in the Isle of Man, a Santander mortgage could be for you.


Foreign exchange

Our foreign exchange services allow you to move money between different currencies and make international payments

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Ways to bank with us

Our Telephone Banking and Online Banking services allows you to manage the accounts you hold with us, wherever you are in the world.

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Interest rates

Review Santander International interest rates for banking and savings accounts.

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