Accessibility and site help

Website accessibility

We're committed to making sure everyone has access to our website. We aim to improve our online accessibility in line with advances in technology and web standards.

  • We make sure that navigation throughout the site works in a consistent way
  • We use a standard web font to make it easy for all to read
  • Any images we use also include a text description to explain what they are, unless they're only descriptive
  • We never use colour as the only way to convey information
  • All links have been written in order to make sense when read out of context

Changing our website's text size and font

You're also able to use your internet browser to change the text size and font on our website.  For detailed guides on how to do this, follow the links below for your internet browser;

Using Adobe Acrobat

Some of our information is offered as PDF documents.  It's highly likely your internet browser will support viewing PDFs, but you can also download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


This site uses JavaScript for security reasons and non-critical functionality. We strongly recommend that you access the site with JavaScript enabled.


This site uses cookies that do not contain personal information and are set to expire as soon as you leave the site. Please ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies. For further information about cookies visit

Still experiencing problems

If your computer meets the requirements but you are still experiencing problems, here is a checklist of possible causes:

  • Since security must be tight to protect you, make sure you have 128bit SSL encryption enabled
  • Ensure that your computer has JavaScript enabled
  • Ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies

If you are still experiencing technical problems please contact us.