General Terms and Conditions update

In overview, the following changes have been made to our General Terms and Conditions which will be effective from 13 November 2020:

  • We’re introducing a new clause A8.12 to clarify that we may share customer data with other Santander Group companies for the purpose of complying with our internal policies relating to the prevention of financial crime;
  • A new clause A2.2 has been introduced to confirm that we reserve the right to close an account which has had a zero balance for six months or longer;
  • Clause A5.11 has been updated to confirm that we give same day value for Euro and US Dollar payments to align them with our Sterling payments; and
  • We are introducing a new clause A10.1 and revising clause C1.1 to permit us to not issue an account statement when there has been no debit or credit movements on the account since the last statement, which will support a reduction in our carbon footprint.
  • All customers have been sent a letter confirming these changes and the new General Terms and Conditions replace the existing terms. If you have any queries about this change, please contact us.