The Changing World of Work: Santander Work Café, Jersey is coming soon!



The Changing World of Work: Santander Work Café, Jersey is coming soon!



Working from home during lockdown transformed the way many of us work, breaking the link between offices and productivity, and opening new pathways for working remotely.

During the first month of lockdown figures from the UK Office for National Statistics show nearly half of those who were still actively employed (46.6%) worked from home. This figure began to drop as the lockdowns eased, with 33% of people working exclusively from home by mid-May, and 23% by mid-August. At the same time, the number of people who travelled to work rose – from 29% in mid-May to 48% by mid-August.

This shows that for many of us, offices will remain an important part of our working day. However, whether you are working primarily at home or primarily in the office, there’s a good chance you will not be working in the same way as before the Covid-19 pandemic. When it comes to meetings, many of us are now adept with Zoom or Teams, conducting business through a webcam. However, for those of us based close enough to the people we want to meet, physically distanced in-person meetings are making a comeback.

Previously, this may have been a question of ‘your office or mine’, however, in an environment where we are still living with Covid-19, safe neutral meeting spaces, where you are not exposing colleagues, or indeed people you live with, to people you meet, are increasingly important. Located in the centre of St Helier, the Santander Work Café is being designed to fill this gap, providing a place where entrepreneurs or people who work from home, and people who work in different offices, can conduct meetings, enjoy a good cup of coffee, or simply find a quiet spot with free Wi-Fi to open up a laptop.

“When we began planning the Santander Work Café in Jersey, we had no idea Covid-19 would happen”, James Pountney, Chief Executive Officer, Santander International, said. “The Santander Work Café concept had been a big success before the pandemic in locations across Europe, the UK, Central and South America. The Channel Islands are highly interconnected and we felt that a banking hub in Jersey would serve the needs of the community, providing a good place for people to meet, and for those who travel here, a welcoming place to work before or after meetings.”

While inter-Island travel may now be more complicated, and the days of someone hopping over from London and back in a day for business may be numbered, the needs of local entrepreneurs to meet with new clients or contractors are as strong, if not stronger, than before.

“It’s important not to underestimate the power of face-to-face for building relationships.” James said. “While we can carry out a significant amount of business remotely, there are times when it’s more helpful to get a few people together in a room and speak to people directly rather than through a computer screen. The Santander Work Café is about facilitating business for everyone in Jersey so we can all have the benefit of a safe environment for meetings and work outside private homes and offices.”

When the Santander Work Café opens in January 2021, the building will host five free meeting rooms which can be booked online, fully equipped with state-of-the art conference facilities, and co-working stations that can be used without booking ahead. The barista zone will include freshly prepared food, and sustainably sourced coffee to fuel your day. When paying with a Santander International debit card there will be a 30% discount on hot drinks and 15% on food.

The renovations of the Charing Cross site take the building up to the highest standards, offering spacious, well ventilated rooms, accessible bathrooms, and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Santander has over 50 Work Cafes in eight countries around the world. As well as the meeting rooms, co-working space, and full café experience, Santander International’s banking customers will be able to meet relationship managers in the building, open and manage accounts, and withdraw money.

Just as the pandemic has changed the way many of us do business, the economy of the future will rely on greater innovation for the Islands to thrive. “Start-ups need support to become small businesses, and small businesses need space to grow into larger businesses.” James said. “This is about helping business do business, and we are developing the Santander Work Café to be part of this process.”



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